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Welcome to Bear Patrol: Bear Patrol is a casual guild with open enrollment.

Our Raid Focus is current ten-man content.  Prospective Raiders should contact Vibram, but don't waste his time if you're clearly not prepared. Current openings are for healers, tanks, and one melee DPS 

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Basics for new members hoping to raid.

Jiboujuki, Mar 16, 11 1:38 AM.
While we are currently in open enrollment, those wishing to raid with us should adhere to the following qualities:


Basic: Know how to make Giant Creatures, Magical Beasts and Eldritch Abominations of all kinds very angry at you. Wear armor of some sort, preferably something heavy without holes or gaps.

Advanced: Become accustomed to the fact that while other people in the game are doing exciting actions and viewing epic environments, you will be staring at monster crotch.


Basic: keep the Happy Little Green Bars (HLGB) from turning into sad gray bars (SGB). Don't stand in bad things.

Advanced: stand in good things, run away from angry monsters.

Extra Lessons: If you are a Resto Shaman, please convince our raid leader that you are a Resto Druid. Crowns of leaves and sticks may help the illusion.

Ranged DPS:

Basic: Make the Angry Red Bars (ARB) turn into SGB. Don't stand in bad things.

Advanced: make the smaller ARB of those little monsters turn into SGB before you go back to the giant ARB of the big evil thing(s)

Melee DPS:

Basic: Bam-bam on wordy-board till big scary thing go boom. No stand in ouchie.

Advanced: Bam-bam wordy board thing that make scary baddie go whoosh in air. Little red names lie, not good. Little red name need go splat. #4
2 days ago


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Jiboujuki, Mar 13, 11 6:13 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Bloodscalp (PvP)
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